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  • Jason Hesley

Dr. Schafausen to release How Can You Die? on May 26th!

Minotauro Records is set to release Dr. Schafausen's highly anticipated new studio album, 'How Can You Die?', on May 26th. Album tracklisting: 01. HOW CAN I DIE 02. ANGER 03. BRAIN FOG 04. GAMING DISORDER 05. DAYDREAMING 06. 21st CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN 07. COMET 08. WE ARE DIGITAL 09. HIKIKOMORI

The theme of mental disorders is undoubtedly a very important and current topic. The album seems to suggest a very interesting narrative approach, with the character of Dr. Schafausen helping to explore the world of mental disorders in an engaging and disturbing way. The overall atmosphere of the album seems very reflective and introspective, with a particular emphasis on understanding and accepting people who suffer from mental disorders. This message is extremely important, as social stigma and discrimination can prevent people from seeking help and receiving the support they need. Music can be a great form of expression for addressing such complex issues, and Dr. Schafausen has managed to musically explain the idea of a "mental tangle of thoughts and visions". The claustrophobic and desperate musical atmospheres seem to be consistent with the album's theme and suggest a strong emotional charge to the listener. The inclusion of djent, metalcore, and hip hop elements adds further complexity to the compositional structure and makes the album very innovative and modern, difficult to categorize within a single genre of metal. Overall, it seems that "How Can You Die?" is an album that addresses an important topic in a brave and experimental way. If your music can express the desperation and difficulty that many people face in living with mental disorders, then it could be a powerful form of expression that helps to bring greater awareness to this issue. The CD album released in a limited and numbered edition will be truly special, as it will include a 44-page comic book illustrated by artist Paolo Massagli, who also created the album cover. This comic book will focus on the themes addressed in two of the songs featured in the album, namely "How Can You Die?" and "Anger." But that's not all: the first 120 numbers of the limited edition will also feature a unique and unpublished illustration by the artist, which will be signed not only by the artist himself, but also by Dr. Schafausen. Don't miss the opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind work!

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