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  • Jason Hesley


Downfall of Mankind is a Slamming Symphonic Deathcore band based in Lisbon,and despite being a recent project, all the elements are experienced and technically capable musicians. They are currently ready to release their debut EP, “The Path of Human Existence”, which is set to be released November 14th via Raising Legends Records!

Their most recent single – “An Evolutionary Descendant” - was released via Slam Worldwide and has gotten a lot of attention across.Oblivion which is the latest music video that Downfall has dropped, carries the line age of (the path of human existence), A song that talks a little about how this whole thing we call planet earth, will end.Downfall of Mankind has been active regardless of the pandemic situation, we feel like moving towards different directions and trying to make things work, should be the way to keep the attention of our fans.

We are currently working on our next music video that should be coming out early 2021. We won ́t stop working!

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