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  • Jason Hesley

DOR: Black Maps is featured as premiere song!

Dor is a musical project born in 2019. The first two autopublished works (the EP Self titled and the LP The dream in which I die) have been written and published by the founder Francesco Fioretti between 2019 and 2020. They started out as solo projects and are characterized by the influence of various genres, such as lo-fi rock, hauntology and american anti-folk. The first two works were brought live in one-man band formation during 2020.

The third album, titled In circle, was recorded and mixed in the Noise Lab studio by Sergio Pomante (The Break Beast, ex Ulan Bator, Sudoku killer), with the partecipation of Paolo Raineri (Ottone Pesante) to the trumpets, Bruno Germano (Arto) to the wurlitzer, Sergio Pomante to the sax and Mario Di Battista (Ulan Bator, La Mala Sementa) to the vocals and bass.

The idea for In circle was born with the reading of Manuscript found in Saragossa, by Potocki, and the blending of influences from klezmer and est-european music with alternative and post rock elements. As a background there's a folkloristic and pagan world, born from the mixing between the land of Abruzzo, that has seen us grow up among dark beliefs and superstitions, and the Spain depicted in the Manuscript, tormented by visions of ghosts, witches and encounters with the devil.

In addition to the founder Francesco Fioretti and the bassist Mario Di Battista, the new live lineup counts the partecipation of Alessandro Vagnoni (Bologna violenta, Drovag), and Gabriele Uccello (Affluente).

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