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  • Jason Hesley

"Doomed, blackened, and highly emotive"- Anareta's new single is here!

Anareta is a New Orleans based chamber-metal band combining western classical music structures and instrumentation with brutal, intense metal. This week the band has shared their second single, "Unforgiving Sun" from their debut album, 'Fear Not,' due out April 8th 2023.

Here's what the band had to say about "Unforgiving Sun":

"Unforgiving Sun is inspired by the interminable summers of New Orleans; the air thickens, tourism slows to a trickle, storefronts shutter. The sun-soaked blacktop radiates heat long past dusk's false promise of respite. As this song opens we lean into this sense of swimming through thick humidity and airless nights, every movement burdened by weather; but underneath this seasonal malaise there is tension building. The song swells to reveal a system under pressure, one that inevitably finds a release. Strangling vines, termite and mosquito swarms, tropical storms, crime rates; all these things escalate and explode outward with abandon in the face of this unrelenting force."

You can listen to "Unforgiving Sun" below!

Stream "Unforgiving Sun" in Spotify

Stream "Unforgiving Sun" in Bandcamp

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