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  • Jason Hesley

Doomcult release "Failure Of Life"

Doomcult is a solo project by J.G. which came alive with the recording of debut album End All Life, which was released by Morbid Syndicate in 2016 and which received many great reviews. In 2018 doomcult returned with the EP Ashes, released by Loneravn Records, followed by the second full length Life Must End released by Narcoleptica Productions. Now, Dutch doom-metal outfit Doomcult returns with their third album titled Life has Failed, released by Kvlt and Kaos. One hour of doom influenced by traditional doom, 90s doom/death (Anathema, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride), funeral, and bits of sludge. As always, Doomcult offers eerie atmospheres, plodding drums and sic melodies, combined with intense screaming. Thematically, Doomcult remain true to their own misanthropic discography, with blasphemous anti-establishment lyrics. For the first two albums Doomcult was hailed for their songwriting, now their songwriting sounds better than ever thanks to a superior production and the guest appearance of Rens van Herpt (Treurwilg) on vocals. The deep growls of Rens are combined with the screams by J.G. to give more diverse vocals. Doomcult will recruit a life band if there is a good opportunity to promote Life Must End.

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