• Jason Hesley

Doom Sludge band Vanta to release "Zero Kelvin" July 2nd!

Introducing Vanta, a metal duo of long-time friends from Budapest, Hungary. The band is named after Vantablack (One of the darkest substances known to man, absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light). The sound could best be described as an aggressive combination of sludge, stoner and doom. The tracks are spiced with odd time signatures (used recreationally) and a guitar tuned to the depths of hell. Vanta are constantly pushing the limits of their instruments experimenting with heaviness. Their new album Zero Kelvin, is seeking label support before announcing a release date.

Metal promoter Rob Hammer praised their song Erebos with the expression "ridiculously heavy". The main riff of another song called True Enemy has been characterized by Sleeping Village Reviews as "a gravel-crushing steamroller of a riff, plain and simple, and nothing stands in its way". The bands favorite composition called I'm The Ocean has been described as "a hypno-trip that introduces my brain to itself" by fan and fellow musician Crow Ballard.

"We have recently finished recording and mixing our debut album called Zero Kelvin. It is an important milestone in our musical journey, a six-piece collection that shows both our dark and beautiful side, and also our experience with anxiety and sorrow. We shot and published a music video for the title song. The album is going to be published this year, and we would like to organize a tour post-pandemic."

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