• Jason Hesley

Doom-anchored Heavy Metal quartet OXBLOOD FORGE will release the album Decimator on June 18th!

Though in existence for a mere five years, OXBLOOD FORGE has proven both prolific and creative in developing a sound on its own terms. Doom metal has been, and continues to be, a significant part of the band's sound, but heavy metal is the unifying element. On Decimator, the band's metal roots are on full display. Big hooks and heavy riffing built on a robust metal foundation is what OXBLOOD FORGE brings to the table in 2021 with Decimator.

Track Listing:

1. Into The Abyss

2. Decimator

3. Forged In Fire

4. Spirit Of Vengeance

5. Mortal Salience

6. Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down)

7. Screams From Silence

8. Sorceress [Angel Witch cover]

9. Ironbound

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