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  • Jason Hesley

Don't Miss Nargathrond's Music Video For "Deep In The Forest" feat. Iyes Keen!

Horror metalware discovery Nargathrond invites you once again into his enigmatic world through the chilling video for "Deep In The Forest." This track, taken from their latest album "Killing Season" released via Wormholedeath, showcases an enticing blend of 80's synth vibes infused with gripping metal riffs, accompanied by the haunting and mesmerizing vocals of Ives Keen.

"Deep In The Forest" immerses listeners in Nargathrond's distinctive sonic realm where the lyrics, evocatively performed by Ives Keen, leave a dark imprint, delving into themes of isolation, manipulation, and the search for escape.

"Enter my world and become my prey, I won't let you down, I'll make you stay. In the silence, you'll scream without a sound, Left wondering why no one's around.

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