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  • Jason Hesley

Don't Miss ETERNAL DRAK's New Lyric Video "Siervo del Bien y del Mal"

ETERNAL DRAK's "Siervo del Bien y del Mal" is a track taken from their album Drak Metal, due for release in CD format via Wormholedeath / Aural Music Group.

The album "Drak Metal" is a Long Play of 12 powerful tracks that travel through different styles of metal, from Heavy Metal to black metal. It is a constant criticism of the evil that the System in all its representations does to human development. Economic, religious, and social oppression restricts us in our evolution and development. This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered at FirstWave Studio in Quebec Canada in 2020.

Eternal Drak is a Black thrash metal band founded in 1997 by brothers Andres and Eduardo Martinez with 3 Long Plays, 1 Ep, and 4 Video Clips.

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