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  • Jason Hesley

DOMINANCE released phenomenal & aggressive debut album!

DOMINANCE was created by Impaler (bass/vocals), Witchfucker (drums) and Hellcult (guitar) in 2019 out of the ashes of the established RAPED CHRIST and the lesser known MÖRTALIST. After four years marked with local gigs and the self-produced „Sodomize with Steel” demo tape, the monstrous „Slaughter of Human Offerings in the New Age of Pan” debut album was unleashed by Polish label PUTRID CULT and the holocaust continues. Music for this release was recorded in late May/early June 2023 in Santa Studio (Warsaw, PL) by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Dopelord, Witchmaster) who also did mix & master at Satanic Audio. Album was released August 25, 2023 on digital format and physical CD (webstore). Cover art & layout was done by Witchfucker.

Commentary about album: "By way of shamanic interfusion, „Slaughter of Human Offerings in the New Age of Pan” opens the gate to a Jungian dimension in the Howardian landscape of the demo tape. Short and to the point, as it represents not strife but the final and well-prepared act of titular abolishment of outer obstacles in the path to inner harmony."

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