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  • Jason Hesley

Dissonant Death Metal Trio SUNLESS Releasing 'Ylem' on Willowtip in October!

Dissonant Death Metal trio SUNLESS will release sophomore album Ylem on October 29 via Willowtip Records. Album track "Forgotten (Remnants of Life)" is streaming at

Part two of a trilogy, Ylem builds upon the concept and lyrical theme of the band's independently released debut album, Urraca, by reinforcing the mysticism of the previous album while exploring new themes of displacement, fear, wonder, and transcendence. With the addition of a new drummer and an evolving approach to songwriting, SUNLESS further develops their signature sound with increasingly diverse, dense, and technical offerings.

Best consumed whole, the experience of Ylem is as harrowing as it is satisfying, one rife with dissonant melodies and complex rhythmic structures, certain to leave an indelible mark on the listener's psyche.


Track Listing:

1) Spiraling into the Unfathomable

2) Ascended Forms

3) The Unraveling of Arcane Past

4) Atramentous

5) Flesh-Particle Amalgamation

6) Forgotten (Remnants of Life)

7) Perpetual Contortion

8) Molding Axioms of the Metaphysical

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