• Jason Hesley

Disout - Premiere of the album "MIEN"

Disout is a new music group, creating an original mix of rock and metal sounds. The roots of the musicians are from many other Polish bands. They were improved skills and experience also on big stages. What they will present under the new name?

"MIEN" features 9 tracks with heavy riffs, powerful drums, atmospheric guitars and original vocals. Album talks about people, society and many faces of humanity. The tribute for rock and solid riffs goes hand in hand with the modern sound of metal. And all of this put together in concept album. Members of the band says " This album is unique for us and contains 100% of our emotions. Especially we have known each other for years. If you like bands for example Gojira, Mastodon, Opeth you have to check our music!"

You can buy full album here: AMAZON - SPOTIFY -


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