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  • Jason Hesley

DISMINDED: release the video of "Unleash Hate"

On March 3, the German death metal outfit DISMINDED will release the new album "The Vision". Dramatic melodies, leg-hard grooves, and fast thrashy parts meet profound, unadorned lyrics, straight from the deepest abysses of the soul. As a first taste of this death metal inferno, the song "Unleash Hate" is now available on MDD YouTube channel. The album can already be pre-ordered at various retailers. The final tracklist is attached. "The Vision", produced by Harris Johns, is a musical statement performed without compromise that will make fans of the genre click their tongues! Be ready!

// Tracklist //

01. A Melting Of Worlds

02. Nightmare

03. Unleash Hate

04. Judgement Day

05. Coro-Nation

06. Final Prayer

07. World War 3

08. Dead Water

09. The Cult

10. New God Rising

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