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  • Jason Hesley


Finnish death metal outfit DISGUISED MALIGNANCE has today shared a new single and music video, “Confined,” from their forthcoming debut album, Entering The Gateways.

The video clip for “Confined” captures the Helsinki group's live intensity, alongside foreboding churchyard footage, in a nod to classic death metal music videos of the ‘90s. Entering The Gateways is due to be released on September 29th via Prosthetic Records.

Speaking on the single release, vocalist Felix Pennanen comments, "‘Confined’ is one of the most aggressive tracks on the album while maintaining an infectious sense of groove. The combination of sick riffage, ontological lyrics, and overall pulverizing aggression result in a prime example of the gloomy and unearthly yet catchy style of death metal that is Entering The Gateways."

Bassist Aatos Palmu adds, "‘Confined’ displays the more fast-paced and vividly aggressive side of the album. We chose to pair it up with a music video to further enhance the experience with the grimy and disorienting visuals in the oldschool death metal spirit."

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