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  • Jason Hesley

'Discumblobulated', the new video single from slammers Colpocleisis is upon us!

On March 3rd the UK's kings of caveman slam, Colpocleisis, will release their new album, Elegant Degradation, through Reality Fade Records. Impatiently anticipated by fans of musical extremes, this gruesome collection of grotesquely heavy, slamming brutality will leave a never healing, infected wound on the flesh of 2023. Today, the band offer one last morsel of rotten flesh to the ravenous hordes in the form of single 'Discumblobulated' which has reared its ugly head at Slam Worldwide for your listening pleasure...

Speaking about what to expect from their latest warped offspring the band commented:

"'Discumblobulated' sees Colpocleisis draw upon the extreme ends of their influences, from brutal caveman slam with tech influenced flourishes. Thematically it continues to explore more horrid depths of humanity (or lack thereof) present in modern society. Featuring some outrageously heavy riffage this track sees Colpocleisis pummel and pound it's listeners to dust!"

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