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Discouraged Records presents "Allegiance Divine", by Swedish/American supergroup Pre-Human Vaults!

Discouraged Records presents the debut EP, Allegiance Divine, by the Swedish/American supergroup Pre-Human Vaults. The EP is set to be out on 10 June 2022 on CD (350gsm Digipak with booklet) and Vinyl (180g Transparent/Red Splatter LP in a gatefold sleeve), in addition to the release on digital/streaming services.

Pre-Human Vaults first saw the light of day back in 2014, but for various reasons, it wasn’t until late 2019 that things took off for real. Initially intended to combine the thrashier side of bands such as early Metallica, Testament, and Machine Head, with a more straightforward death metal sound, it later progressed into something else, but with that first notion still as the pivotal point. Even the PHV logo is a direct result of that first notion. Originally formed by Ronnie Björnström (Solution .45, ex-Aeon), the band today also consists of Christian Älvestam (Solution .45, Miseration, Svavelvinter, Ex-Scar Symmetry), Patrik Gardberg (ex-Solution .45, Torchbearer, The Few Against Many), Peter Nordin (ex-Meshuggah, ex-Calipash) and Michael Gomez (ex-Black Plague).

Seven years in the making, Pre-Human Vaults’ debut EP, Allegiance Divine, is comprised of four songs that were written and recorded before the band went on a short hiatus. After resuming their activities in 2019, PHV went through all four songs and re-recorded the majority of elements to make the upcoming EP sound even more intense and brutal. The opening track “Whirlwind Reaper” was initially released back in May 2020, but it now incorporates revamped guitars and new mastering to be up to date with the newer materials. Although the ripping thrashy death metal aggression hegemonizes and controls the energy, the ebb and flow of technical twists, suspensive melodies, and hard-hitting grooves eventually help each song shape into a specific story. Going into the different terrorist incidents of the past, the EP lyrically slams the sickening and cowardly wrongdoings of political and religious terrorism. Aside from narrating the 2011 Norway attacks and the Oklahoma City Bombing, the EP also speaks of terrorism in the name of religion and the hunt for David Berkowitz (the Serial Killer known as the Son of Sam).

A whirlwind of death/thrash invasions awaits; embrace the Allegiance Divine!

Track Listing:

3. When the Trap Is Set

4. Shadow .44

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