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  • Jason Hesley

DISCONNECTED SOULS Unveil Lyric Video For "Fragments"

Cinematic metal quintet DISCONNECTED SOULS have unveiled a lyric vide for the new synth-driven, dark pop-esque single "Fragments" featuring Jeremy Valentyne of NEW YEARS DAY. Taken from their debut conceptional album Fragments of Consciousness, tobe released on January 19th, 2024, the quintet once again expand the boundaries of genres and styles explored in their music.

"'Fragments' was an attempt to write a catchy synthpop track and was very heavily inspired by the band THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE. The structure is a lot more conventional than some of our others and uses comparatively few instruments; I wanted to focus on big sounds and hence the big focus on the bell pad synth. Funnily enough I actually wrote most of the track using just this because I felt particularly moved by it! As things progressed, the more experimental elements such as bird samples, 5/4 time signature section and choir harmony vocals came in. A particular highlight for me was that Jeremy Valentyne (NEW YEARS DAY) agreed to provide the guitar solo and he did a fantastic job of staying true to the original solo I wrote, but adding his own unique twist on it. I hope you enjoy!" – Fletch, band leader.

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