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  • Jason Hesley

DISARMONIA MUNDI To Release Limited Edition Vinyl For "Mind Tricks"

With 2006's "Mind Tricks" Disarmonia Mundi created the album they will most likely be remembered for long after their passing.

Considered by melodeath fans an all-time classic"Mind Tricks" delivers Disarmonia Mundi at their peak showcasing the ultimate blend of venomous riffs, classic heavy metal melodies, furious rhythms, and a stellar death metal double vocal attack, featuring powerhouse death metal growler/screamer Claudio Ravinale equally sharing vocal duties with legendary Swedish singer Bjorn Speed Strid from the Swedish melodeath overlords Soilwork.

With more than 13 billion streams on Spotify alone "Mind Tricks" received overwhelming positive reviews upon its release and worldwide critical acclaim, praising both the amazing performance of every single component involved in the recordings (with Ettore Rigotti doing the lion's share of the work being the multi-instrumentalist, producer and only composer of the band) and the amazing craft of tracks like Resurrection Code, Nihilistic Overdrive, Process of Annihilation or the smash hit Celestial Furnace.Hard to pick one particular song out of the whole album, all 10 tracks stood the test of time becoming melodeath classics with billion of plays and streams worldwide on every single platform cementing the chemistry between Rigotti, Ravinale, and Strid, a chemistry that has endured till today.

Originally mixed at the legendary Studio Fredman in Sweden "Mind Tricks" is now considered one of 2000s melodeath masterpieces along classic bands such as Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy and so on.

Now for the first time ever a very limited vinyl version of the album is being released by Rockshots Records providing the perfect opportunity to rediscover one of the best melodeath records ever made and to own a collector's piece of metal history.

"Mind Tricks" Vinyl Silver Marble LTD Edition is available for pre-order

Exclusively Available via Rockshots Records Online Store:

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