• Jason Hesley

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER - Release New Single & Video For "Aletheia"

German metal horde DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER is celebrating the release of its new experimental record "The Divine Horsemen" with a visualizer video for the track Aletheia. Borrowing its name from the ancient Greek spirit of truth and daughter of Zeus, the ritual titled Aletheia showcases the deeply psychedelic nature of the underlying recording sessions, using oriental soundscapes and tribal drumming as a build-up for the heavy and sinister incantations erupting at about the midway point of the song.

Listen to or buy "The Divine Horsemen" here:

DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER comment on the release of "The Divine Horsemen":

"The wait is over. "The Divine Horsemen" premieres today. The "wet idea" we had during a trip through the Italian Dolomites ten years ago has now become reality: our 2-days-record has been brought into being. Inspired by the magic of the moment and the departure from all conventions and routines, we managed to forget about the world and everything around us. This entirely different, totally spontaneous approach breaks with a lot of traditions, but essentially it only captures what has always been dwelling in us. In "Alethia" we have another video on this day of celebration, which throws a bridge from the already familiar eruptive moments to mystic, impenetrable elements. Find the time and leisure for the sounds of "The Divine Horsemen" and let them take you to a world far away from here and now."

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