• Jason Hesley

DICKLESS TRACY: Slovene deathgrinders debuts “Faydark Forest”

Slovene deathgrind mongers Dickless Tracy shares “Faydark Forest,” the third single from the upcomingGrave New World full-length. The album comes on CD and digital formats on 15th September 2021 through Monsterbilly Records. Special cover art for the single was crafted by Slovenian artist Jurij Mikuletič of Psycho-art. He actually also created a separate sketch for every song off of the upcoming album (sketches are featured in the booklet).

Drummer Ivan Cepanec states on the single:

“The song itself speaks about the inner struggles, and the lyrics were written by guitarist/vocalist Tomi. Music-wise, it is our tribute to evil-sounding, twisted death metal in the vein of legendary New York bands Suffocation, Immolation, and Incantation, and the middle part features a clear nod to the all-time class-sick Morbid Angel track, ‘Immortal Rites.’

“It was the first song we wrote for this album, dating back in early 2015. It was also the first song we used to play live before recording the album. Play it loud! So be it!”

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