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  • Jason Hesley

DEVORZHUM (black) released stunning debut album on CD!

DEVORZHUM is a quite fresh band on the Polish metal scene formed in 2021 where in the line-up we can find experienced musician - Szymon "Simon" Bieńkowski well-known of playing in the past in such bands as Morbus Mortifer, Supreme Lord, Vomigod, Depravity and Rigor Mortis.


When asked how exactly they define their music, they answer: "We don't want to pigeonhole. We leave it to reviewers, critics and listeners. A certain convention, the musical core of our music and lyrics lies deep in black metal, but everyone will find here a lot of thrash, death and, at times, probably even classic heavy metal influences. A disturbing aura of ambient music, dark electronics and a Dead Can Dance atmosphere hangs over everything. The drawers are too tight for us and we don't want to limit ourselves.


Their debut album titled "Exigens Monumentum" was released November 13, 2023 on digital format, and February 29, 2024 was released on CD in cooperation with Polish label Via Nocturna (pre-order). The music was mixed and mastered by Simon, who is also responsible for the cover and layout (together with ET-40). Logo by Kontamination Design (Akhlys, Dimmu Borgir, Taake).


"Exigens Monumentum" (Latin: Building a Monument) is an obvious reference to the famous work of the Roman master of lyricism and satire, Horace. The imperfect tense suggests the beginning of Devorzhum's journey, and the Poznań band's debut album is intended to build solid foundations for this monument. Will it also be more durable than bronze or perhaps intricately woven from the emotions of the dark side of our soul? We don't know that yet. The cover of the album is also directly related to this leitmotif, depicting a huge monument bathed in darkness and fog, around which mysterious figures gather, looking for their way, directions, perhaps their goal...

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