• Jason Hesley

Devil's Desire will be release 'The Soul Remains Alive' on Nov. 14th.

On November 14, 2020, the full-length debutalbum from Belgian/Brazilian project Devil's Desire will be released, called 'The Soul Remains Alive'. This album will be released as an Independent Release.

Talks about a new project began when Belgian guitarist/vocalist/producer Gio Smet contacted Jefferson Moura Melo, also known as Jeff Metal.

Gio noticed the incredible talent the Brazilian vocalist/guitarist has to offer. Jeff’s versatile voice fits the epic music, composed by the duo, perfectly.

Thus, in the autumn of 2019, DEVIL’S DESIRE was born!

DEVIL’S DESIRE’s music can be described as melodic yet heavy and powerful, with shredding guitarsolo’s, pounding drums and memorable choruses.

The lyrics are about the eternal struggle between good and evil and the choice between heaven or hell.

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