• Jason Hesley

Devil in the Mist present the music video, "Mercy"

This should need no introduction or explanation with over 4 million YouTube views Gia G and Devil in the Mist plain KILL IT, Mercy the first single off of the upcoming Sliptrick Records release is just enough of a teaser to keep everyone busy waiting for the full length.

GIA G is known for her instrumental music videos The Chase , Interwoven , Got back together with her former singer Katy Reign . Katy Reign met Gia back in 2007 in a previous lineup. She would take trips to Boston coming from her home town in Rhode Island to record and make music. It wasn't till 2016 that Katy and Gia decided to reform after a long road of different directions. Katy had pursued several other bands and projects as well as some solo projects which you can find under Katy Reign on Youtube, Gia began her solo act with instrumentals such as The Chase and Interwoven, which made quite the hit on her YouTube Channel. But here they are today, back at it as a team. Their first song and video released on Nov 16th 2016 called Severed Ties got a great response with 250,000 views so far. They released there second song and video on Aug 25th 2017 called Somewhere got a huge response , even bigger , 670,000 to date .They Named the band Devil In The Mist . Released there 3rd music video for there new single Far Gone on June 7th 2018 , doing extremely well 100,000 views in 12 days . Here they are releasing there 3 song EP with there new single Far gone on it, New version of Severed Ties , and Somewhere , which is released on here as a single to . They recorded the 3 songs at Galaxy park studio in Salem Ma with engineer Richard Marr , he is well known in the hardcore punk scene , did an amazing job in recording and getting our sound more raw and cutting edge , great mixing and mastering . He also hooked us up with drummer Stephen Hart and bassist Paul Engle they both did an awesome job on the rhythm section taking it to the next level .

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