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  • Jason Hesley

Detroit's ASYLENCE release New Video for 'Eternity, Please'

Forged from the melting pot of Detroit’s underground metal scene, Asylence is a well-oiled metal machine built with passion, intent, and ferocity like no other.

The album “Endanger Us All” is a combination of Asylence’s oldest and newest material. The older songs have always been a staple in their live sets and they wanted to finally record them right and do them justice. The new songs have been completed since the release of their 2020 EP “Eulogy Of Man” and they really constructed the bridge from what we were to what they’re becoming. Asylence started out trying to be as heavy as they could possibly be but now they find themselves exploring more techniques and ideas that they had never previously thought to pursue. They are recommended for fans of Arch Enemy, DevilDriver, and Amon Amarth.

"We hope that everyone is ready for our greatest effort which is Endanger Us All. We couldn't be more proud of how this album came together. Listeners who are familiar with us will hear some material they are used to and a lot of new attitudes that they have never heard before. Our first EP was merely an introduction to what we can do compared to the range this record has achieved. We were faced with a decision on whether or not to include some of our oldest songs on this record which we never had properly recorded. After we realized how well our new and old material blended for a well-balanced experience from start to finish we really started to understand the raw energy this album radiates. It's heavy, it's deadly," - Ayslence

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