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  • Jason Hesley

Details of Mustan Kuun Lapset "Suruntuoja" expanded 20th-anniversary reissue revealed!

Finnish legendary dark metal band Mustan Kuun Lapset is set to release remastered 20th-anniversary edition with bonus tracks on their Suruntuoja album. The release date is on June 10th 2022 and it's out via Inverse Records. The album is remastered by Teemu Liekkala and it includes some live tracks from 2016 and rehearsal demos from early 00's. The booklet of upcoming CD version includes a chronicle of phases of album production written by music journalist Natalie Humphries.

The album is also released first time on digital streaming services and as a preview the single "Toisten laskettua seppeleet" is unleashed today.

Listen to the single on streaming services:

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