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  • Jason Hesley

Desolation's Edge Unveils "Utopia (Exile the Virus)"

In the realm of progressive death metal, where sonic landscapes are often as intricate as the themes they explore, Desolation's Edge emerges with a new single that sparks reflection and introspection. "Utopia (Exile the Virus)" is a striking addition to the band's growing discography, addressing the urgent issues surrounding humanity's environmental impact and the state of our planet. Alex Beyerl, the band's guitarist and bassist, delved into the creative process behind their latest release. When asked about the influences that shaped the sound and direction of "Utopia (Exile the Virus)," Beyerl offered a profound insight: "Thematically, the lyrics and sound of this track are heavily influenced by the current state of the world and the seemingly constant reminder that our planet is fragile." Drawing parallels to George Orwell's "Animal Farm," Beyerl explained, "In the case of Utopia, the concept is pushed a bit further with the remainder of living beings on Earth exiling humanity from the planet for their continued destruction of Earth's natural ecosystems." Beyond the musical composition, "Utopia (Exile the Virus)" carries themes that hold a profound significance for the band members. Beyerl expressed, "The main themes of this song are incredibly meaningful to us as young adults living in a world with both a figurative and literal doomsday clock ticking down to our eventual demise." He emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, "If nothing is done to reverse the effects of climate change, there may not be a viable future to look to for our own or future generations." As with any band's journey, growth and evolution are inevitable. Beyerl shed light on how "Utopia (Exile the Virus)" fits into Desolation's Edge's overall discography and their evolution as artists. "This single acts as a transitional song between our first EP and our upcoming album," he revealed. "Sonically, it's an evolution from our debut release in its production quality and overall direction." He continued, "With our new album on the horizon, we've brought on a new drummer, Will Provine, who brings quite a different sound to the band. We look forward to working with him and seeing a new evolution of our music." For Desolation's Edge, their music is more than just sound; it's a message, a narrative, and a journey. Beyerl shared their hopes for how fans will connect with "Utopia (Exile the Virus)": "We hope that fans will connect with the environmental issues talked about in this release and possibly share our perspective on the impacts of climate change on our planet." He concluded, "We also strive to create new and interesting song structures in all of our music so that each song has its own identity while still being thematically relevant to one another. This is done through a subversion of the typical verse/chorus song structure in favor of a more progressive sounding, linear approach." "Utopia (Exile the Virus)" by Desolation's Edge is a poignant and thought-provoking addition to the world of progressive death metal. With a commitment to addressing the pressing issues of our time and a passion for pushing musical boundaries, this band is poised to make a lasting impact on both the genre and the planet's collective consciousness.

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