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  • Jason Hesley

DESERTS OF MARS Reveal New Single "Crimson Mountain" Ahead Of Forthcoming Album Dead Planet Exodus!

Heavily inspired by sci-fi and Tabletop RPGs, DESERTS OF MARS deliver a dynamic sonic mixture of stoner rock, grunge, metal, and doom/industrial. The new single "Crimson Mountain" is out now, and lands ahead of the forthcoming album Dead Planet Exodus to be released later this year.

The band comments on "Crimson Mountain":

"An anthem and rallying cry for the Crashtronauts and the band as our heroes hop into a battle vehicle and head to take the rocket base atop the Crimson Mountain (you can see the rocket taking off on the album cover). I channeled all the anime/action visuals in my head for this one, as I wanted to evoke the feeling of a band going for broke with weapons shaped like instruments, slaying their enemies, and reaching their ultimate goal.

Thinly veiled, but the last lyric: 'This flight, our final fight To seize our place Among the stars' is how I feel this album and its strange winding production has been for the band. This is our final make or break during this time period, and a call to action that we have to make things happen."

Stream "Crimson Mountain" here:

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