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  • Jason Hesley

Desecrate The Faith to release "III" in November!

Row upon row they sit, bound and gagged, their hands nailed to the pews. Their mouths may be silenced but their eyes still scream as they stare in wide-eyed horror at their priest’s body, broken upon the desecrated altar with limbs splayed in unnatural confusion, surrounded by his entrails – a mound of glistening serpents. As the sunlight blazes through the stained glass, painting the cold stone pillars in brilliant blues and reds, the scents of gasoline, offal, tears and terror mingle in the air. I light the match and every eye watches its slow motion tumble to the floor...and then the world ignites and hell consumes us all.

An insurmountable force of opposition and defiance, Desecrate The Faith have unveiled their third album, their third assault upon repressive authority and spirit crushing dogma. Entitled simply III, this collection of supreme brutality and terrifying power revels in wanton destruction. Songs like ‘Vile Of Legion’ unleash warheads of mountainous riffs that rage through scalding rains of skin flaying solos and arcane melodies. The drumming of Mike Caputo (ex-Internal Bleeding, ex-Rings Of Saturn) is relentless, blow after bone-breaking blow driving the album onwards through the demon possessed ‘The Dead Testament’ into the vortex of chaos and madness that is ‘Omnes Ardeat’. With the obscene vocals of John Hull (Gorgasm) invoking devils in a torrent of blasphemy, III takes on an hypnotic life of its own that draws you down into its glorious tumult of world eating, unfettered ferocity. Combining staggering song craft, stellar musicianship, unfathomable heaviness and frightening velocity Desecrate The Faith have created a true masterpiece of brutal death metal.

With III, Desecrate The Faith have gone above and beyond not only their own previous output – the undeniably excellent Disfigured Arrangement (2014) and Unholy Infestation (2017) – but the majority of albums in the brutal death metal genre. The scope, the vision, the savagery and intent are second to none. When Comatose Music open the gates for this titanic record on November 18th the foundations of death metal will shake.

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