• Jason Hesley

Descend Into Dungeon Crawling Doom With Ischemic’s “Scabs”

Canada’s Ischemic, purveyors of all things gloomy and dissonant are gearing up to release their second album, a self-titled full length, that is set to be one of the most crushing albums of the year.

The single “Scabs” is the first glimpse into the physically crushing sonic experience of “Ischemic”, which contains five heavy doom tracks with veils of melodic destitution weaved throughout. At 6 minutes in length, “Scabs” is a very long single, but gives ample time to immerse yourself in the pure 80s death-metal filth contrasted with crushing, doomy choruses and crusty black-metal leads, with a classically face-melting solo from Adam Korchok at its center. Ischemic comments on the upcoming release:

“We expect the album to be a fan favourite. The production is the perfect balance of polish and rawness and seems like the best representation of our live sound so far. These songs developed as a response to the more complex and melodic black metal sound on “Stagnation & Woe”. The tracks call back to the earliest days of the band, but with a decade of songwriting & touring experience under our belts.”

Crafted during lockdown, the listening experience through “Ischemic” is a trek through a haunted castle, every corner infested with isolation and creeping dread. Dungeon-crawling doom and sludge riffs are threaded together with creaking, subterranean passages of guitar ambiance and noise. Charging death-metal assaults relent to spell-casts of dizzying black metal. Their most DIY endeavor yet, all production, engineering, and artwork was handled by the band and close friends, resulting in this stripped-down but unrelenting collection of songs.

The intense, raw brutality of Ischemic is recommended for fans of Autopsy, Ahab, and Celtic Frost.

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