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  • Jason Hesley

Depraved Murder to release "Unethical Terrestrial Collapse" on March 10th!

The last days are upon us; long foretold yet always ignored. Successive generations spun the chamber in a game of Russian roulette with the highest stakes – gambling that they’d make it to the grave before the world collapsed around them. Now the bullet has settled in the chamber and the apocalypse is locked and loaded. The ground has split asunder and the blood-eyed hunters have emerged from the burning core. Beneath the laughing gaze of mad old gods the remnants of humanity have tumbled from their imperious thrones to become prey; to be ripped from gullet to gizzard and to bleed out upon the dying earth.

In the fecund swamps of East Java Depraved Murder have been pouring blood, tears and black sorcery into their cauldron of nightmares, adding bone and bile to the accompaniment of whispered incantations, conjuring up the soundtrack to the end of the world. Now, nearly four years on from the plague bearing horror of their second album, Manifestation, their work is complete. On March 10th Unethical Terrestrial Collapse will be unleashed, a firestorm to usher in the end times. The cascading riffs of ‘The Anguish Of Dystopian’ will shake the fabric of existence, while the merciless onslaught of ‘Unmanifest Void’ will shatter the firmament above. Guitars weave a twisted mesh of pure darkness, punctured by bloody, spiralling lead work while the drums provide a propulsive tornado in the shadows beneath. Echoing all around this cavernous cacophony is a voice from the depths of the abyss, proselytizing an impending aeon of innumerable atrocities. Depraved Murder have never sounded more potent, more dynamic, more utterly monstrous. Unethical Terrestrial Collapse is a superlative example of the breathtaking power of brutal death metal at its finest. Depraved Murder have evolved into a true apex predator of the most extreme of music territories.

Mixed and mastered by the arcane master Indra Braille (Anthropophagus Depravity, Disintegration, Gerogot etc) Unethical Terrestrial Collapse seethes with a grim and sordid life, a pulsating blackness that exudes fear and disgust – an intimidating manifesto of brutality. When this beast is released from its pit on March 10th by Comatose Music, swathed in its prophetic artwork, spawned from the twisted visions of Aghy Purakusuma (Insect Inside, Pure Wrath, Stillbirth etc) there will be no time left to pray. This is the end.

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