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  • Jason Hesley

DEPLETED URANIUM Fuse Math Metal And Power Violence In “Alpha Particles” Off “Origins” Out Jan 28th!

Canada’s Depleted Uranium is gearing up to release their album “Origins” and the first look is the track “Alpha Particles”. The single is the first of two parts, the latter being released next month.

Material for “Origins” was written ten years ago when the band first got together, it is a history of who they are and where they come from and it is meant to be listened to in reference to their self titled debut release, to give further perspective, the band explains the single:

“Alpha Particles was an early abomination from within the first four rehearsals as Depleted Uranium, prior to having a bass player. It was the song that defined us at that time and instantly became a favourite to play live and at rehearsal. It was also our first 5/4 time in a song, which aided future songwriting and it evolved our dual vocals, which are existential and abstract.”

Throughout “Origins”, both the lyrics and the music hold a high tension and are expressed without hesitation. They are embodied with existential yet direct meaning. As a whole, the album is a statement of youth being dissatisfied with the existing conditions of reality and channeling their experience into what it is today. The resounding message from Depleted Uranium is to strive for personal freedom and to focus on what you want rather than what you don’t. This album is a path out for all of them.

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