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  • Jason Hesley

DEOS presents the album, "Furor Belli"

Playing "Roman Extreme Metal" style, the band DEOS was formed in May 2014 by Fabio Battistella, Jack Graved and Loïc Depauwe. They wish to combine the sounds of Black and Death Metal with their passion for ancient Rome, which through the lyrics, graphics and stage play. In September 2016, with a new keyboardist, DEOS starts the recording of its second album whose artwork is entrusted to Brice Cumin and mastering to J.-F. Dagenais at JFD Studio (Kataklysm, Ex Deo). The following year, the band signed to Buil2kill Records and the second album In Nomine Romae was released in October 2017. From 11 to 15 October of the same year the band performs with the Italians of ADE during the "Rising Across the Alps tour ", followed by the " Bellum In Helvetia tour " as well as for several dates in France and in Switzerland during the year 2018. At the beginning of 2019, DEOS plays with Scuorn and Kyterion during the "Parthenope European tour". The band also participates in the first album of the Greek-Roman singer Ellenika by writing the track The Goddess and the Warrior. At the end of the year, they record an acoustic EP offering a selection of their first two albums. During the year 2020 Harsh (keyboards) and François (guitar) left the band. Cedric "Cedd" Boehm was hired as the 2nd guitarist.The year 2021 is dedicated to the composition and recording of the 3rd album Furor Belli. The mastering is once again entrusted to J-F Dagenais at JFD Studio, and the artwork to Brice Cumin. The band changes label and signs with WormHoleDeath. The release is planned for spring 2022 and will be followed by the North Imperial Tour MMXXII.

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