• Jason Hesley

Denmark’s Iotunn releases new album, ‘Access All Worlds’, worldwide!

Denmark’s Iotunn has released their new full-length, Access All Worlds, via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of the record, a video for the album track, “The Weaver System” (produced by Costin Chioreanu – Twilight Media –, can be viewed at:

Iotunn comments: “‘Weaver’ has been in our creative loops for several years since back when Jesper came up with the very first clean guitar part. We always knew it would appear on our debut album. For us, it’s an album highlight on its own terms, and to this day, it still sounds fresh to us. With Jón’s vocals and lyrics, the composition has found its home, and when Costin did his visual art and film, ‘Weaver’ got weaved into new spheres and perspectives. We are very proud of this collaboration and hope you’ll like what you see and hear!

Additionally, we are now ready to have the entire album released for takeoff. We present to you the whole voyage of ‘Access All Worlds‘ and encourage you to come with us and spend one focused hour listening to ‘Access All Worlds‘ from the first to the last note. We believe that we have created seven distinctive worlds constituting one world – one album, seven songs, for all of us who love listening to full albums!”

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