• Jason Hesley

Denmark’s Iotunn announces European tour in support of mighty Arcturus!

Iotunn is very glad to announce they will be supporting legendary Arcturus on their upcoming European tour in January and February of 2022!

Iotunn comments: “We are proud and excited to be a part of this extensive Arcturus anniversary tour! It will bring us across much of Scandinavia, the European mainland and the UK which has been something we all wished to do. Finally, we can share our album ‘Access All Worlds’ with people around the continent where it is meant to be shared – live on stage!

Arcturus has created groundbreaking music over the years that has inspired all of us in IOTUNN deeply. To be able to share this journey with them as they go on their biggest European tour yet is really something special! We all hope to give the attendances around Europe a one-of-a-kind experience when we seek to make every night as monstrous a journey possible. See you out there Europe!

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