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  • Jason Hesley

DENFIRE's brand new EP, Collective Insanity, has just made its way to Spotify!!!

"A quickfire assault on the senses with an extraordinary level of guitar work that is simply phenomenal. Pair that guitar magic with Denfire's commanding vocals barking in anger like a rabid dog and you've got a full force thrash-fest going on." - Decibel Shower (UK)

"Denfire blasts a frantic fusion of Thrash and Speed Metal for our total delight, showcasing all his dexterity armed with his guitar, delivering old school riffs just the way we like it."- The Headbanging Moose (Canada)

"Perhaps the most notable aspect of this EP is the talented rhythmic technique in the guitars, which offer a marvellous foundation for the rest of the music." - Bathory Zine (Spain)

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