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DENDERA Unveil Music Video For Title Track "Mask Of Lies" Off Forthcoming Album Out June 2024!

Signing to Rockhots Records for their forthcoming album "Mask of Lies" out this June 2024, the UK's Dendera has been on a steady rise while playing sell-out shows and festivals across Europe and in their home country along with supporting bands such as Sepultura, Queensrÿche, Saxon, Death Angel, Gloryhammer, Skindred, Rhapsody of Fire and many more.

Expertly delivering modern melodic metal, Dendera's combination of towering clean vocals and powerful screams along with unfaltering musicianship, energetic performances, and stunning choruses has rightfully earned them a reputation as a formidable band. Their steadfast handcrafted approach means they operate almost entirely self-sufficiently. This gives the band the ultimate edge when trying to hone their sound meaning they can push the best from themselves and always deliver professional results.

Following tough times after the COVID-19 pandemic and personal tragedy from within the band, Dendera has fought against the odds to record a stunning third full-length album. Co-produced by themselves and mixed by Alessio Garavello plus featuring a guest solo from Russ Parrish (aka. Satchel - Steel Panther), this album showcases Dendera's relentless vision to move forward, using the traumas of the past to write a powerful record that explores personal themes, grittier undertones that showcases their signature strong vocals and multi-layered songwriting approach.

“This album has been far too long coming from us, and we cannot wait to get it out. We really want our fans to hear how much we have grown and give them a treat. The time we have taken to do this has all been to make sure we get it right, and we think the end product reflects that.” adds the band.

To give the first glimpse of the album's sound, Dendera is sharing the music video for the title track "Maske of Lies". Starting with double kicks, a crushing riff, and a hard-picked guitar melody, the song takes no time getting to the point. From the intro, screams unleash a four-to-the-floor verse with a huge, aggressive vocal line from frontman Ash.

The band comments on the single:

"This is a song about rising up against oppression that will resonate with many people in the modern world, Mask Of Lies brings an unstoppable chorus with call and response clean and scream vocals. A chorus that is sure to impress live. A heavy and modern breakdown section cements Dendera’s musical shift into a more modern sound before getting to the last chorus with an inspiring and goosebump-raising orchestral break that will have the listener wanting to go back and listen again."

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