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  • Jason Hesley

DEMONS BY DESIGN releases "Feed Me Like A Drug"

DEMONS BY DESIGN is the side project of Colin Emery (PERFECT NME). Drawing inspiration from earlier musical and conceptual influences, it seeks to recombine these various elements in a new way and to present them in a contemporary fashion.

This musical freedom allows for a lot of scopes to experiment with sounds and atmospheres, incorporating elements of industrial, goth, and metal, to name a few. The occasional collaboration with guest artists also helps to add an additional layer to a song’s atmosphere and impact.

The new single FEED ME LIKE A DRUG is a perfect example of that;

Says Colin: “Kirsten’s (Kirsten Jørgensen) beautiful and exceptional vocals really accentuate the diversity of the song and adds that extra dimension. The combination of our vocals brings out that haunted dualism the song required.”

FEED ME LIKE A DRUG is an atmospheric, gothic-inspired song, with a dual storyline. It’s a dark tale of two lives entwined, of passion and of fate.

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