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  • Jason Hesley


Swedish death metal masters DEMONICAL will embrak on a string of fesival shows this summer, July 21st through August 26th. The "Victorious Summer Tour" includes a stop at Brutal Assault Open Air in Czech Republic.

The tour follows the surprise EP "Into Victory", which introduced Charlie Fryksell as band's new full-time vocalist, through two songs present on the release - the distinctive title track and a metalized Ramones's cover. DEMONICAL was spawned in 2006 by then-former Centinex members Martin Schulman (bass), Ronnie Bergerståhl (drums) and Johan Jansson (ex-guitars & ex-vocals), with a mission to return to the roots of death metal and deliver a sheer dose of melodic darkness and brutality, through a fierce, HM2-beaten path. Their last full-length release, "Mass Destroyer", was delivered to the masses in 2022, and crowns a discography of seven studio albums and three EP's.

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