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  • Jason Hesley

Demiser to Release “Slave to the Scythe” August 23rd on Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records!

Like a lumbering, ferocious beast awoken from a centuries-long slumber, the metal behemoth known as DEMISER emerged from the primordial ooze of the South Carolina metal scene in 2017. After several years working toward a sonic apocalypse and intent on causing untold havoc, DEMISER is releasing its sophomore album and Black Light Media/Metal Blade debut, Slave To The Scythe, on August 23rd.

The nine-song LP is a devastatingly intense slab of work; an aural harbinger of hellish intent that sees the band blend ’80s thrash, first-wave black metal, death metal, and a healthy dose of NWOBHM. Slave To The Scythe is the work of a band of men determined to destroy everything in their path. Musically, of course.

The DEMISER collective features Demiser the Demiser (occult liturgic blasphemy), Gravepisser (six-stringed Satanic fukklord), Phallomancer (abysmal rhythm of death), Defiler (dismal baritone curator), and Infestor (purveyor of percussive bile) and they are not here to fuck around. Press reports note that DEMISER is the perfect choice for when you’re, “in the mood for some dirty blackened thrash long on fun and short on pretense.”

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