• Jason Hesley

Demenzia Mortis 'Anti Kult' out on March 19th!

On march 19, DEMENZIA MORTIS will release their debut album ANTI KULT via our label SOUNDS OF HELL RECORDS.

DEMENZIA MORTIS is a powerfull black/death metal band from Belgium, who released their first ep MEMENTO MORI in 2018, a self production. This ep did get some very positive reviews worldwide.

2019/2020 the band entered the studio to record the debut album ANTI KULT, a relentless black/death metal attack. 10 tracks of aggression and blasphemy (digipack has 2 bonus tracks, taken from the MEMENTO MORI ep and remastered).


01 – Dies Irae

02 – Code 666

03 – AntiKult

04 – Triste Paysage

05 – Dark resolution (Legion’s march)

06 – Exultation of pain

07 – Be your slave & be your master

08 – Above & beyond

09 – Tranquility and silence

10 – My blood runs black (bonus track –

feat. Anouk from Bleedskin and Lilith Kumiho)

11 – Blood ritual (digipack bonus feat. Matt from Death Agony and Marvin from Disfigured Sky)

12 – Memento mori (digipack bonus)

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