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  • Jason Hesley

Deliria to release Phantasm on May 3rd!

Phantasm is the forthcoming album from post black metal outfit, DELIRIA. Following their 2017 full-length Nausea, Phantasm explores dark realms and the shadowy reality of everyday struggles. Phantasm will be released on May 3, 2024. 

Opening with "Smoke & Mirrors", entwining melodies are ensnared in tumultuous swells of dissonance. Grappling the darkness, the track immerses into the experience of struggle. Musically bringing to life the swiftly changing tides of sounds and textures, moments of calm intersperse the violent attacks. The title track, "Phantasm", written about being possessed by a demon, unleashes a fury of abrasive tones and thundering rhythms accompanied with an array of fierce shrieks from vocalist Adam Rupp. It all ends with a journey to "Oblivion". As with "Smoke & Mirrors", contrasting sounds collide as two concepts are sought to be reconciled. The track explores both spirituality and depression - it's a powerful and raw piece. 

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