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  • Jason Hesley

DELIRIA Release New 7" Spellcraft!

Post black metal outfit, DELIRIA have released Spellcraft a two song 7" ahead of their upcoming album Phantasm. To celebrate, the band is streaming the tracks at Decibel Magazine.

The band comments: "This marks the first time DELIRIA will be heard on vinyl. We are excited to offer this as a sample of what’s to come on the new full-length album Phantasm.

Thematically, "Spellcraft" transforms you into a creature by a witch in the woods, while the second side, "Gemini", portrays the grim reality of darkness and duplicity.

Jade crafted the cover art painting herself, and we are thrilled to release new long sleeves with the design as well.

"Spellcraft" crushes you with haunting melodies and dark atmospheres, where beauty and darkness create a tapestry of everyday misery. With every morbid riff and each introspective lyric, this release defines our spectral sound."

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