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  • Jason Hesley

DEIMOS - "Insane" (1997) reissued on CD!

Initially released in April 1997 by Bestial Records on tape format, DEIMOS - "Insane" is now re-released for the first time on CD format on Loud Rage Music!

Awarded by the readers of the Romanian Rock/Metal magazine of the time, Heavy Metal Magazine, with the title Best Album of the Year, "Insane" can now be pre-ordered here:

Here's what Corina Elena, one of the founders of the band, had to say about the re-issue: "After all these years playing in Vorus and Putred, many people often ask about Deimos old material, wishing to have, especially the first album "Insane" on CD, since Bestial Records released it on cassette only in 1997. I realized that will be great to finally put it out on CD with the collaboration of Loud Rage Music as the executive producer.

Glad to witness the recent re-editions of some old classic Romanian death / thrash albums on CD format for the first time. I feel it is the right moment to do it and in some way to contribute to enrich the Romanian rock / metal archives, adding our little piece of history in the local metal scene."

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