• Jason Hesley

DEEP SPACE MASK: “Sabbath” Visualizer Video Online!

The French Stoner Rock machine never stops! Few weeks after releasing his debut album Songs from the Dark Light, one man band DEEP SPACE MASK shared a new video, this time it is a visualizer for the song Sabbath. The video is already online and you can watch it here:

About the new single, DEEP SPACE MASK mastermind Raymz stated:

Sabbath is an instrumental song with a heavy riff, a dark atmosphere, and a recurring guitar gimmick. The end is like a funeral march. It’s a kind of tribute to Black Sabbath.

You can purchase Songs from the Dark Light on the Bandcamp page of Planet K Records (, but it is available in digital download on the main online stores as well.

Songs from the Dark Light is available on:

Planet K Records:


Apple Music:


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