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  • Jason Hesley

Deemtee - Spanish Avantgarde Black Metal Act Announce New Album "Strange Aeons & Deliriums"

Darkwoods is pleased to announce the release of “Strange Aeons & Deliriums”, the second compendium of Lovecraftian hallucinations and nightmares metamorphosed into avantgarde black metal conjured by Deemtee, a Spanish project created by Nightmarer aka Oscar Martin of Garth Arum, As Light Dies, and Asciimov.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Nightmarer at Kadath Sound, “Strange Aeons & Deliriums” is now set for release on December 7th and sees Deemtee plunging us into the abyss, into that black and unfathomable abyss of H.P. Lovecraft's myths from which you know that anything could emerge at any moment... that’s exactly what “Strange Aeons & Deliriums”, his new and bizarre creation, entails: the unexpected, the unpredictable, the inconceivable... yet, it also brings the magnificent, the unbelievable, the colossal... an astonishing masterpiece of avantgarde and alchemical black metal that will enthrall fans of Ved Buens Ende, Solefald and Arcturus.

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