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  • Jason Hesley

DECAYED FLESH Release Official Video for "Sclerosis"

Indonesian Brutal Death Metal trio DECAYED FLESH have released the official video for "Sclerosis," a track from last year's Eternal Misery album. Check out the video above.

Eternal Misery was released June 13 on Brutal Mind. Purchase and stream it below!

Purchase/Stream Eternal Misery:


Brutal Mind:

On Eternal Misery, intensity, detailed riffage, and powerful songwriting are brought to you by these vicious flesh eaters. The album contains 10 tracks of pure brutal death metal, reminding one of a past golden era. Recommend for fans of DEEDS OF FLESH, SEVERED SAVIOR, and INVERACITY.

Track Listing:

1 Into Eternity

2 Abyss of Misery

3 Desperate Soul

4 Sclerosis

5 Psychiatric Illness

6 Omnipotent Hypocrisy

7 Madness

8 Endless Anxiety

9 Eternal Suffering

10 Insidious Delusion

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