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  • Jason Hesley

DECAPITATED - announces 'Nihility' UK & Ireland Tour 2023!

Death metal paragons Decapitated have been unstoppable since the release of their latest studio album Cancer Culture, and today, the band are pleased to announce a lengthy, 17-date tour across the UK and Ireland set for this winter. Decapitated will be performing their classic, second studio album Nihility in full each night. Accompanying them on the road as special guests will be label mates Obscura, as well as Inferi and The Materia.

Guitarist Vogg stated, "Boom! I know that "Nihility" has a special place for many fans and musicians following Decapitated for the last 20 years. For me as well. That's why we decided to celebrate this album and perform the whole thing live in concert for the first time! Join us in spheres of madness!"

Tickets are on-sale now from

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