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  • Jason Hesley

Debutalbum from the Dutch modern metal band Subspectral...!!!

The debut album ‘I’ marks the birth of the Dutch metal band Subspectral.

The five-piece Dutch metal band Subspectral brings chunky riffs, progressive rhythms and surprising song structures, but also melody. Modern metal with a progressive touch where experimentation is not shunned, but where it is also allowed to just rock. The band switches effortlessly from hard and heavy to melodic passages, but always with the song in mind. Music that springs from the heart is often hard to categorize and pigeonhole, it is music to experience!

Subspectral was formed in early 2019. However, the roots grow deeper. Guitarist Arjan van Heusden and vocalist Joël Oorebeek had been making music together for a while already. So did former bandmates drummer Stephan Broer and guitarist Ronald Versluis. When the four of them met in early 2019, the musical click was there right from the start. The versatile vocals of Joël proved a perfect match for the progressive views on music of Stephan and Ronald, and the bold riffs of Arjan forged the elements into an ironclad whole. This way the band was able to create their very own sound. With the arrival of bassist Folke Thijsen a rock solid foundation was laid in the lower frequencies and the line-up was complete.

The five of them worked hard producing their own material and to prepare the band for the Dutch stages. However, in the beginning of 2020 Covid threw a spanner in the works and the world came to a standstill. Subspectral decided to use this moment to record their very first album. The result: their debut album 'I'.

The entire album was written, recorded and produced by Subspectral. Due to lockdowns and social distancing, the members of the band often had to work physically separate from each other on the songs and recordings. For a fledgling band, this was a challenge, but a challenge that brought the band closer. 'I', therefore, is more than a debut album for the band, it gives the band its reason for being.

The album was mixed by Nick Polak and mastered by JB van der Wal and will be released on February 4, 2022.

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