• Jason Hesley

Debut EP From Ohio Hard Rock Band FAITH IN FAILURE Takes You On A Journey!

Columbus hard rock band Faith in Failure released their long-awaited debut EP ‘The Fields’. Recorded and produced by Nick Ingram at Capital House Studio, the five-track EP takes listeners on a journey with story-telling lyrics, catchy melodies, driving drums, and soaring riffs.

Stream 'The Fields' EP:

"The Fields EP has been a long time coming for us and it was something we've been planning for quite a while. We aspired to put together a collection of songs that we felt would show our ability to write music, and tell a story, not only as a band but as individuals. We aren't ones to shy away from our influences, or from trying something different with our music either, and we feel that is prevalent throughout. This EP is a fun ride from beginning to end in all aspects, and our hope is that anyone who listens to it will enjoy the ride too. We couldn't be more proud of what we've put together here, and we hope that everyone listening will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating this EP! Thank you to everyone listening to this, your support means the world to us, and we appreciate all of it!" - Faith in Failure

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