• Jason Hesley

Debut album from the Belgian instrumental melodic metal project Steegmoord.....!!!

Steegmoord is an instrumental metalband hailing from Ertvelde, Belgium. The band started out in 2020 as a studio project when a pandemic had a grip on the world. This newcomer in its genre feels comfortable in this position. But that doesn’t mean this band cannot shake the foundations of any venue in its path.

Influenced by a huge span of music including Mastodon, Opeth, In Flames, Dorje, Rabea Massaad and Toska, Steegmoord has finished it's debut EP resulting in a half hour of instrumental melodic metal riffs with lot's of dynamic and some stoner vibes to top it off.

Debut album STEEGMOORD. Release january 29th 2021 on all major streaming platforms! Follow the socials for more news to come...


1 - Your Liberation

2 - Breaking My Chains

3 - Man Made Mountain

4 - Ballad Of Bullets

5 - Silent Hill

6 - Poputchik

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